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The New Yorker ran 12,000 words today about how Al Franken was unfairly deposed as a result of the MeToo movement; rationalizing his behavior in part because it occurred "in his capacity as a comedian." So, it's OK to abuse people as long someone think it's funny? Is that not the precise culture we are trying to change?

The Chaplain of the House of Representatives opened a session this week with a prayer to "cast out all spirits of darkness from this chamber".

Now there's no one left to vote on legislation.


Perhaps the most insidious aspect of Microsoft's software-as-a-service model is that it giveth and it taketh away.

One day you wake up and discover that Microsoft decided you no longer needed a given feature.

Somebody must have contaminated Charles Mountbatten-Windsor's Wheaties (AKA Prince Charles) this week because he rescinded his reprieve from destruction.

“I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival.”

In 2009, he doomed humanity by 2017, but in 2015 gifted another thirty-five years.

Should we listen to someone who has not worked a day in his life and whose rank and welfare proceed directly from centuries of oppression and subjugation?

Are the wires on the globigarchy's* marionettes starting to show? Perhaps, but few people are interested.

*portmanteau of "global oligarchy" (How often do you get to use the word portmanteau?)



Ten years after the government began guaranteeing student loans, an amendment was passed excluding student loans from discharge by bankruptcy (due to the record number of defaults).

Federally-guaranteed student loans are not about providing people access to education, they are about providing corporations access to government-guaranteed profits.


GM is in the process of laying off 15,000 North American workers while it expands production in South Korea and Mexico. Chalk up another victory for "Free Trade".

Aren't you glad you gave $51B to GM to succour them from bankruptcy?