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Marc's Musings

Another reason not to lock your devices with biometrics.

Of course, this ruling comes from the 9th Circuit, which would probably rule that constitutional rights are unconstitutional, if it came to it.

Several states are trying to pre-emptively stop UBI (Universal Basic Income), claiming that it is a vote-buying strategy.

As usual, the politicians have missed the point entirely. UBI isn't about buying votes (although that may be a short-term bonus).

It's about buying control. How long will it be before that free money is tied to your social and purchasing behaviors?

Since the 1970's, the federal government has used federal dollars to influence state-level programs (speed limits, education requirements, etc.)

UBI is an extension of fiscal extortion from the macro level to the micro level. The government will now be able to control individual behavior to an extent not dreamed of by history's tyrants.

The CEO of NPR said today, "In fact, our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that's getting in the way of finding common ground and getting things done."

Coming from someone who is both a WEF Young Leader and a term member of the CFR, I would expect nothing less.

This is what is meant by the term "globalist" – someone who has signed on and been indoctrinated to return the people to peasant status (such cretins having been so uppity since the Magna Carta).

The president’s cabinet cannot remove a president who is subjectively incapacitated – only the Congress can do that.

The cabinet can remove a president who is objectively incapacitated (e.g. coma).

Is it not curious that the U.S. was certain of ISIS-K’s complicity in the attack at Crocus City Hall within hours, but still does not know who blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (despite knowing Ukraine intended to do so)?

"There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they're going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night … You gotta get back there and create a campaign behind the lines."

Now who said that last year? Was it Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy? Ukraine MoD Rustem Umerov?

That little nugget of suborning war crimes was issued by then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley while addressing Ukraine special operations forces.

France is planning to send 1,500 Troopers to Ukraine. That could get messy. If those troopers are caught in hostilities (which they will be, otherwise why send them?), then Article 5 of NATO is automatically triggered (mutual defense).

Each signatory is obligated to render assistance in any way they deem appropriate.

"Scientists" (read 'publicly funded tinkerers playing with publicly funded equipment) have found a galaxy with no 'dark matter'.

How does one prove something doesn't exist when one cannot prove its existence?

The wall of human understanding of reality has caused scientists to revert to ideology.

Is the White House mad that three Americans died at a Jordan military base or are they mad because the secret war in Yemen that was supposed to have ended three years ago has been revealed to the public?

(Yemen has been the site of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in which we were publicly supporting Saudi Arabia until 2021)

The James Webb Space Telescope has shown researchers that the universe is expanding at different velocities in different places, invalidating 100 years of cosmological work, and perhaps the entire premise of the understanding of the universe.

High-five JWST!

Faith in democracy is at a record low 28% since 1984.

It seems people are waking up to the reality that democracy is an illusion.

Georgia Congressoid Rich McCormick thinks Russia is a communist country.

I'm convinced there is an upper IQ limit for politicians.

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house

not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse

because everyone knows mice prefer their drinks shaken, not stirred!

HEADLINE: CIA's secret office has conducted UFO retrieval missions on at least NINE crash sites around the world

Isn't it strange that aliens who can circumvent the laws of physics for FTL travel, communicate via undetectable frequencies, deploy propulsion systems that leave no signatures, and generally operate with zero residual presence, have such trouble with atmospheric flight?

Don't you hate it when you confuse baklava with balaclava and end up in the middle of a Minnesota winter with a pile of Greek pastry?

The DoD has (again) failed another audit, with 22 of 29 sub-audits failing at 700 locations.

Apparently, when the government doesn't want to be held accountable for its actions, it 'funds' the DoD and then lets the DoD 'lose' it.

HEADLINE: World Population Passes 8 Billion

Those "depopulation agendas" don't seem to be getting the job done.

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