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Listen to "Bidenomics / EXT2349" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2349

Joe Biden, like every president since John Adams, wants you to believe he wields the power to improve the economy. Conversely, his detractors would have you believe that he bears sole responsibility for skyrocketing inflation and outrageously priced concert tickets.

Borrowing from the eponymous political term of the 1980's, Bidenomics would have you believe that Uncle Joe Biden is here to save the people from the evil capitalists.

Listen to "Tuckered Out / EXT2320" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2320

Jungle Rooster

On April 26, 2023 Tucker Carlson was invited, most unceremoniously, to leave FoxNews.

At the time of his ejection, Tucker was the single most-watched news host in U.S. history, begging the question, why did FoxNews exile the goose that laid the golden egg to the desert of podcasts and self-styled media analysts?

Per usual, the Jacobins have an angle that will not hear anywhere else.

Listen to "Don vs. the Constitution / EXT2237" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2237

Jungle Rooster

In early 2020, Donald Trump started warning his supporters of a rigged election in anticipation of what was then an unlikely loss.

In November of 2020, Donald's prediction came true; he lost the election. However, not content to concede with humility, Trump challenged the election results in six states under the campaign "Stop the Steal".

Was there a constitutional basis for challenging the certification of the election?

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