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Episode: 2050

2020 is a year best described using the C-word: Coronavirus. But that’s just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. Assassinations of character and of persons. Civil Rights protests. Civil Liberties protests. Lockdowns and toilet paper shortages – but no shortage of bellicose politicians.

Surprisingly, this is not the worst year in modern history, but it is the worst year of many people’s lives. Join us as we recap and say farewell to the year most of us wish was already in hindsight.

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Episode: 2030

The aftermath of the murder of George Floyd devolved from demonstrations to draw attention to systemic racism to full blown riots. Then things went from bad to crazy. Minneapolis voted to dissolve its police department, Lego stopped making plastic police figures, and the American Pander Bears were observed once again in an all-too-common sighting.

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Episode: 2024

From Plessy v. Ferguson – the Supreme Court case that legalized segregation – to the civil unrest of the 1960's, 1990's, and throughout the twenty-first century, America has continuously failed to execute the mandate that all people are created with unalienable rights.

Traverse the sordid and regrettable history of systemic oppression in America and contemplate the possibility that not everyone's America matches the description in the brochure.

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