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Episode: 2246

Jungle Rooster

On August 8, 2022, FBI agents raided the Florida residence of former president Donald Trump, seizing more than three hundred classified documents. Although decried as a political maneuver by Trump supporters and Biden opponents – the two do not necessarily intersect – the real question is one of presidential power. Is the president accountable to the laws of the executive just as any other citizen or do the president’s proclamations carry the weight of and supersede statutory law?

James and Marc debate the customs and realities of presidential power on Truth and Other Lies: Mishandled.

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Episode: 2123

Jungle Rooster

Many of the conspiracy theories that pervade America’s social consciousness as fanciful dalliances had less than auspicious origins. Some of our favorite conspiracy theories grew from seeds of discontent sown by people resistant to potential realities.

Join us as we wade through the spectrum to explore Left-Wing Conspiracies.

  • The JFK Assassination
  • Corporations
  • Military Engagements
Listen to "Right-Wing Conspiracies / T^OL2122" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2122

Jungle Rooster

Each political faction in America has a litany of ghost stories and urban legends they tell themselves to reinforce their perceptions and justify their value systems.

These ghost stories are usually known by a different term: Conspiracy Theories.

Conspiracy theories are as American as apple pie and fake wrestling. While most are as harmless as the cocktail party musings over the authenticity of the moon landings, others have destroyed lives.

Listen to "Splitting the Spectrum / T^OL2121" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2121
Music: Jungle Rooster

American society has an uncanny history of bifurcating support for issues: assuming a position on one side or the other and overlooking nuance and shades of gray. This propensity for polarization has led to the American body politick being divided into the unimaginatively named factions of Left and Right.

How did we get here and is it working for us?

Join the Jacobins to learn how Americans are Splitting the Spectrum.

Listen to "The Chinese Century I / T^OL2021" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2021
Series: The Chinese Century

China has grown from a simple society of agrarian feudalism to a global economic and military superpower in just seventy years, a feat rivalled only by America’s rise to power in the twentieth century.

In this two-part series that explores China’s role in the modern world, revisit the rise and fall of Dynastic China and the rise of its successor, the People’s Republic of China, a country of free peoples ruled by an authoritarian regime that ‘plays the long game’.

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