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Listen to "The Wookiee Has No Pants / T^OL2026" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2026

Similar to the delayed effects of the detonation of an atomic bomb, the full devastation of the bomb dropped on the global economy by the Coronavirus response has not yet manifested.

Explore with us the imminent devastation and transfer of wealth facing the world, and of course, the relationship between naked wookiees and the global economy.

Listen to "CoVID Con / T^OL2020" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2020

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is real; it is very real and very tragic for those who deal with its most extreme effects. But there are other tragedies percolating in the shadow of CoVID-19: opportunism, power grabs, and fear-induced submission to tyranny.

Dire circumstances require extreme actions, but those actions must comply with the principles of republican (little r) government and few jurisdictions are passing the test.

Listen to "Executive Disorder / T^OL 2019" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2019

Proclamations, confabulations, and tantrums are not FDA-approved treatments for viral respiratory disease, but they are apparently the chief components of Donald Trump’s Deadly Contagion Response Toolkit.

Trusty standby’s Chaos and Cajoling have also proven ineffective inoculants against the Coronavirus. How will the president cope with a problem that cannot be ignored or insulted?

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