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Truth and Other Lies™

Marc and James present fresh interpretations of events past and present flavored with historical context. From the Deep States of America™ to Brexit and beyond.


Listen to "T^OL1937 / True Conspiracies #1" on Spreaker.

Postulating Conspiracy Theories is a popular American pastime and Conspiracy Theorists are a favorite target of the mass media and self-styled intelligentsia because – let’s face it – they are easy targets!

Even the term Conspiracy Theory was coined by the CIA specifically to marginalize people who were skeptical of the government’s version of events.

But what if the Conspiracy Theories are true? How do the people and the government react when the skeptics reveal the wrongdoing and the subsequent cover-up?

Listen to "T^OL1921 / Mutually Assured Deception" on Spreaker.

Strategic arms treaties between the USA, Russia, and the erstwhile Soviet Union are considered milestones of peace and goodwill. However, an examination of the realities of those and similar agreements reveals a more insidious undercurrent of deception and escalation.

Strategic arms agreements are the elephants in the room that no one knows are elephants.

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