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Listen to "The Chinese Century I / T^OL2021" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2021
Series: The Chinese Century

China has grown from a simple society of agrarian feudalism to a global economic and military superpower in just seventy years, a feat rivalled only by America’s rise to power in the twentieth century.

In this two-part series that explores China’s role in the modern world, revisit the rise and fall of Dynastic China and the rise of its successor, the People’s Republic of China, a country of free peoples ruled by an authoritarian regime that ‘plays the long game’.

Listen to "Stumping Septuagenarians / T^OL2011" on Spreaker.

Episode: 2011

Joe Biden has overtaken Bernie Sanders in pledged delegates after Super Tuesday. Is this a surprising upset or predictable politics? What is Joe’s appeal such that he can run a historically anemic campaign and then effortlessly overwhelm Bernie? What is Bernie’s open secret that prevents him from being accepted by establishment Democrats?

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