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Marc's Musings

The problem with subscribing to an ideology is that everything gets filtered through the lens of the ideology regardless of facts, merit, or results.

Here's an article that describes how great capitalism is because billions of dollars were poured into a profitless company because of "faith" in capitalism.

However, UBER – like almost any other tech startup – is more about hurling cash at a turd and then getting out with a bigger bag of money before the stench reaches everyone else.

3.9 million drivers and the company has yet to reach the 'scale' required for profitability.

If you have wondered why ~600 measles cases in a nation of 328,000,000 people is headline news, you might also wonder why 100,000 measles cases in Europe is not headline news.

The median income in the U.S. is $62,000 (half make more, half make less).

The base Congressional salary is $174,000 and they are once again whining about a pay raise.

I say when the median income is $150,000, they can have one.

1970's flu treatment: Drink two liters of sugary acid and put a poison-filled glass tube in your mouth.

If you survive the treatment, you should have no trouble kicking the disease.

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