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Marc's Musings

If the government were truly interested in carbon-free transportation, it would release the findings from the investigation of the gravity wave powered craft at Area 51.

Bill Gates is in a five billion dollar bidding war for a private jet company that operates 1,600,000 flights per year.

Gates' book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need will hit the shelves next month.

It's nice to know where the little people stand.

For days, news outlets have been reporting on the Coronavirus Relief bill, AKA Covid Stimulus, etc. Sometimes described as a 5,000 page or 6,000 page bill (it’s 5,593 pages), reports focus on $600 payments to individuals, but the bill also includes extended unemployment payments, another $284B of Paycheck Protection Payments, and $25B of rental assistance, among other things.

Except there is no such thing as a Coronavirus Relief bill. These payments are earmarks in the annual government funding bill called the Consolidated Appropriations Act (2021) which is why it’s 5,600 pages long.

And what happens when Congress decides it cannot agree on the Coronavirus stimulus? The government shuts down.

Stop voting. It doesn’t work.

Pfizer's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine was approved on December 11.

By December 17, Pfizer had shipped 2.9 million doses.

NATO published a report today that says "until 2030, Russia is likely to remain the main military threat to the North Atlantic Alliance".

Pay no-never-mind to the fact that without a belligerent Russia, there is no NATO.

Every year, the Christmas merchandising and music seem to arrive just a smidge earlier and every year the "It's too early for Christmas" kranks sound the klaxons.

However, I don't see the Christmas Kranks arriving with a library of beloved Thanksgiving classics.

Why is the twenty-billion-dollar U.S.S. Gerald Ford – the most expensive warship in the history of humanity – named after a president who did absolutely nothing, including not get elected to the presidency or the vice presidency?

The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, was introduced as a concept item at ComDex in 1992 before hitting the market in 1994. In addition to telephone and PDA features, it could receive faxes.

Why can't today's smartphones receive faxes? After fifty years, faxes are still more secure than email!

California is now 'mandating' mask usage outside.

Bureaucratic logic: Something is better than nothing even when something is worse than nothing.

Dale Carnegie said that we should be genuinely interested in other people.

Shouldn't people meet us halfway and be genuinely interesting?

Among the last major chains to jump on the smeat bandwagon, McDonald's has announced plans to introduce a plant-derived – but entirely synthetic – meatless burger in the 2021.

The are calling it McPlant.

(No, this is not satire)


McSmeat™ is a trademark of Jacobin Brothers.

Twice before, I have posted evidence from the CDC that it is conflating influenza and CoV statistics.

Now, amid an advertised spike in CoV infections, the CDC has stopped reporting on influenza statistics entirely.

This came a month before Medical Stooge-in-Chief Fauci told CNBC, "Do what you're told."

Shake off the sense of disbelief and embrace the horror of post-modern dystopia.

(Highlight added)

The CDC has updated its definition of 'close contact' in the lexicon of its entirely pointless activity of CoVID-19 contact tracing.

Knowing from whom one contracted the disease is as helpful as knowing the bullets that struck JFK were made in Italy.

Columbus Day and the associated hullabaloo is a perfect example of the absurdity and inefficacy of the American educational system.

Our society reveres and despises a person who never set foot on American soil and may not have known of its existence.

Alternatives to watching septuagenarians trying to remember why they are mad at each other:

  1. Rotate the air in your tires
  2. Translate the Dead Sea Scrolls into Mandarin
  3. Brush up on your long division
  4. Determine why fire engine signs have trucks on them no one has ever seen
  5. Teach your dog to drive a stick
  6. Join the Saucy Nugs movement
  7. Study microfluidics to enhance your argument for/against masks
  8. Measure the drop in the nation's IQ between 9pm and 10:30pm 

A glance at the UK's Orwellian response to CoVID-19 shows that it is worthy of the characterization, but its diktats are a distant second to the state of Victoria, Australia.

Victoria has imposed the most stringent lock-downs anywhere in the world, and has adopted habits such as arresting pregnant women at home for thought crimes (contemplating protests on social media),

The Victorian premier (Speaker of the House) has proposed a bill that allows government officials to arrest citizens for crimes committed or if they suspect the citizen might commit a crime, such as spreading CoVID-19.

How long will it be before we are using the term "Victorian" in the same sense that we use "Orwellian"?

(Not the old sense of "Victorian" that connoted oppression of the lower classes by the established rich white aristocracy, but the new sense that connotes oppression of the lower classes by the established rich white bureaucracy. Are you following me here?)

The people who will approve the CoVID-19 vaccine also approve drugs with 'death' as an acceptable side effect.

Every single drug that has been recalled – usually involving 'death' as an unexpected side effect – was also approved by these people.

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