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Marc & James assemble once a week to bring new information to old topics, new conclusions from old evidence, or at least witticisms and shenanigans.

News & Whether

The exclusive segment where the Jacobins find the news and you decide whether it is a big steaming pile.

Listen to "JBL1915 / Who Wants to be a Lawyer?" on Spreaker.

Barrister, attorney, solicitor, lawyer. Regardless of the names you call them, lawyers have been an indelible component of human society since the kings of Babylon ruled central Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago.

From the Hammurabi Code to the U.S. Tax Code, lawyers have contributed their own unique gifts to society to ensure the successful establishment, interpretation, and enforcement of the laws that enable our great, and not-so-great societies.


Listen to "JBL1914 / Doc Brown University" on Spreaker.

Time travel is tricky business and although it can and does happen, the phenomenon of time travel has not created the fraternal bonds between teenagers and elderly scientists that Hollywood once envisioned.

Join us in 1905 with nascent physicist Albert Einstein and learn the ins and outs of the time-space continuum that does not like rules or identical twins.

Listen to "JLB1911 / Nanissáanah" on Spreaker.

Nanissáanah (Ghost Dance) was a ceremony practiced by Indigenous Tribes with the goal of liberating the Nations from American oppression. The U.S. Army's fear of the Ghost Dance led directly to the greatest massacre of unarmed people on North American soil.

Visit a period of broken treaties and government over-reach (not 2017) in this study of Nanissáanah.

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