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No fewer than 119 billionaires and their private jets converge on Davos, Switzerland next week for the World Economic Forum where they will bandy topics such as “Balancing Domestic and Global Inequality” and “Breaking Legal Barriers to Equality.”

It's just as well they're rich, otherwise they could not afford the $43 hot dogs.

How will Iowans award their delegates for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee?

By spending the evening sitting in school gymnasium bleachers being – not counted – estimated. Then, each time a candidate is eliminated, they have to move around to indicate their preferences for the remaining candidates.

Personally, I think Red Rover would be more effective.

People are upset that Jeff Bezos pledged only $1M AU to the Australian wildfire crisis. The reality is that Jeff Bezos pledged zero dollars.

"Amazon is donating 1 million AU dollars in needed provisions and services. Find more about it and learn how customers can help as well." - Instagram Post by Bezos


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has linked Iran to 9/11 and this - of course - has spawned a bunch of Twin Towers and other memes about Iran's involvement in 9/11. After perusing my autographed copy of The 9/11 Report, I can relay the following:

"We have found no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning for what later became the 9/11 attack." — 9/11 Report, p.258

How many other lies are they telling to make the public support aggressive actions toward Iran?

Testifying before Congress yesterday, Bureau of Prisons Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer informed the committee that the FBI is investigating the possibility of a criminal enterprise being involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

No major news outlet is running this story on the front page.

With Epstein memes overtaking social media, one would think that the BoP director admitting a criminal investigation was underway would be front-page news.

A federal judge has ruled that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must have probable cause before searching a person's devices. This may seem like a Pyrrhic victory because it only requires cause (we know inventing 'cause' is not a stretch) and not a warrant, but it nullifies a concept asserted and enforced by the CBP for some time: that a customs zone is not yet "America" and therefore the Constitution does not apply.

Massachusetts District Judge Denise Casper's ruling on Fourth Amendment grounds establishes that the Constitution does apply to federal agents and American citizens / legal residents regardless of where the stormtroopers think they are.

Reuters report

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