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Jacobin Radio Network

Welcome to Jacobin Radio Network!

Jacobin Brothers™ are expanding their broadcast radio presence. If you want to be the next terrestrial radio station to carry Truth and Other Lies™, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 830-JACOBIN to be added to the syndication distribution list.

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 Programming Attributes

  • General
    • Weekly
    • One Hour Block (44 minutes)
    • Infotainment
    • Non-Partisan
    • Scheduled Call-In Guests
  • Demographics
    • Diverse audiences seeking more context for headline stories and contemporary topics.
    • Content appeals primarily to listeners >35 years, with some attraction for "millennial" audiences
    • Jacobin Brothers target “Everyday Intellectuals” – people who have undeniable experiences, but lack the opportunity to draw well-formed conclusions from the facts to the those experiences because of the daily trials of life (See Jacobin Method, coming 2020!). Jacobin Brothers echo the sentiments of those Everyday Intellectuals and provide a guided forum for them to define and express their opinions in the call-in segments of the shows.
  • Schedules
    • Truth and Other Lies™ — Saturdays
    • Replays
      • Replays distributed during hiatus (summer, winter break)
  • Distribution
    • MP3 files
      • 128kbps CBR, 44.1Khz, Stereo
      • flac or ogg available upon request
    • Automation tones available
    • "Push" or "Pull" (FTP, HTTP, others) dissemination available

Jacobin Catalog Access

Program Directors can request access to the entire Jacobin Brothers catalog for review or broadcast. Catalog includes >90 Jacobin Brothers Live™ episodes and several Truth and Other Lies™ episodes, including the debut feature: Introduction to the Deep States of America™.

Show Clock

Truth and Other Lies™ is edited to ( 44 ) minutes for a one-hour broadcast block. Automation tones are available upon request.