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In the latest pronouncement of impending doom, the UN Secretary General says the survival of humanity is at risk.

The UN says also the world is at risk of human overpopulation, thus we are simultaneously over-populating the earth while putting ourselves at risk of extinction.

Stay tuned for next week's impending disaster; GoT ends!

The problem with subscribing to an ideology is that everything gets filtered through the lens of the ideology regardless of facts, merit, or results.

Here's an article that describes how great capitalism is because billions of dollars were poured into a profitless company because of "faith" in capitalism.

However, UBER – like almost any other tech startup – is more about hurling cash at a turd and then getting out with a bigger bag of money before the stench reaches everyone else.

3.9 million drivers and the company has yet to reach the 'scale' required for profitability.

If you have wondered why ~600 measles cases in a nation of 328,000,000 people is headline news, you might also wonder why 100,000 measles cases in Europe is not headline news.

The median income in the U.S. is $62,000 (half make more, half make less).

The base Congressional salary is $174,000 and they are once again whining about a pay raise.

I say when the median income is $150,000, they can have one.

1970's flu treatment: Drink two liters of sugary acid and put a poison-filled glass tube in your mouth.

If you survive the treatment, you should have no trouble kicking the disease.

President Trump, using the traditional though unchallenged authority of the office to terminate treaties, has withdrawn the United States from a Cold War era treaty with Russia (nee Soviet Union). The treaty called for the destruction of intermediate range nuclear weapons and a moratorium on their development.

There is a fair argument to be made that Russia has been in violation of the INF treaty with the development of the Novator 9M729 missile, but Russia is no more of a military threat to the U.S. and Europe than is Afghanistan.

However, I think this is a case of strategic misdirection (and collusion!) by Russia and the United States.

The real issue is China. China is not a party to the treaty and has been making Intermediate Range Nuclear Missiles to its black heart’s content. This is not news, but may be to those who do not follow geopolitics closely. By suddenly “recognizing” that Russia violated the treaty, both sides are relieved of the treaty’s restrictions and they can arm themselves against China as they choose.

The detractors say that Trump is starting a new nuclear arms race – and they are right. But when it was only China making the nukes, there was no competition! (Whether fighting nukes with nukes is a good idea is something left for another day).

Puppet, Poppet?

Some would say that Trump’s accusation of Russia’s non-compliance is evidence that Trump is not Putin’s puppet. Perhaps, but I say if Trump were Putin’s puppet, this is exactly what Putin would do!

He would direct Trump to accuse Russia of violating the treaty as justification for withdrawing the U.S. so that Russia could continue nuclear arms development with impunity and have it be Trump’s fault, all the while denying violation of the treaty.

Foreign policy in the modern era is never what the headlines make it out to be.

The contemporary usage (or expectation) of the term socialism or socialist state differs from the textbook definition. The textbook definitions generally assert that a socialist state exists when the means of production are controlled by the people; in practice, this means controlled by the government (e.g. BBC, British Airways, Vickers). True socialist states are rare and have varying degrees of success depending upon the discipline and wisdom of the ruling class (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Venezuela).

Popular socialism refers not to collective ownership of resources, but to a ‘social services state’: that irrespective of the ownership of resources, the state will provide free or low cost services (ok, no direct cost) not found in a purely free market society; examples of social services states include Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain.

As a “social services state”, America has failed in spectacular fashion when measured by cost/benefit. The total tax burden (cost) to the consumer in the United States is within five to ten percent of EU countries. The services provided (benefit) are nearly non-existent (yet represent the single largest line item in the federal budget – go figure).

The three pillars of the social services state are Education, Healthcare, and Retirement. Students are bamboozled into accepting crushing debt to obtain worthless degrees in a wage-stagnant economy. PPACA (Obamacare) has increased healthcare costs exponentially while driving volume and quality of service into the dust, and the unfunded liabilities of government-mandated retirement in America (Social Security and Medicare) are well-documented, extending into the one-hundred trillion dollar range.

You are paying for a social services state, but not getting one. Cue the outrage.