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If you follow my posts, you have probably concluded that I am a Jack of all Tirades.

Study concludes minimal drinking increases risk of cancer - Curiously, the study defines minimal drinking as two drinks per day.

Where I come from, if you're drinking everyday you're an alcoholic!

When products cannot achieve their mission of efficacy or cost through unadulterated natural sources, they adopt the moniker 'naturally derived'.

Heroin is naturally derived. So is meth. High-fructose corn syrup and BK's Impossible Whopper are naturally derived (the latter using a fungus/fermentation reproductive process for the primary protein).

Here is a list of things that are naturally-derived, but aren't necessarily good for you, even with 'naturally derived' labels:

  1. potassium cyanide
  2. politicians
  3. lead bullets
  4. lawyers
  5. hemlock
  6. opium
  7. acrylamide
  8. dimethylacrylamide
  9. zombies
  10. zither music

The former Deutsche Bank executive who died last week was widely reported to have approved several for Donald Trump.

As the executive in charge of American operations, Thomas Bowers approved loans for a number of high profile individuals, including Jeffrey Epstein.

Something overlooked in the original reporting is that Mr. Bowers died (determined to be suicide by hanging) the day before he was to be questioned by the FBI in the Epstein case.

The CDC is now contemplating the possibility of suicide being contagious.

Testifying before Congress yesterday, Bureau of Prisons Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer informed the committee that the FBI is investigating the possibility of a criminal enterprise being involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

No major news outlet is running this story on the front page.

With Epstein memes overtaking social media, one would think that the BoP director admitting a criminal investigation was underway would be front-page news.