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Are the wires on the globigarchy's* marionettes starting to show? Perhaps, but few people are interested.

*portmanteau of "global oligarchy" (How often do you get to use the word portmanteau?)



Ten years after the government began guaranteeing student loans, an amendment was passed excluding student loans from discharge by bankruptcy (due to the record number of defaults).

Federally-guaranteed student loans are not about providing people access to education, they are about providing corporations access to government-guaranteed profits.


GM is in the process of laying off 15,000 North American workers while it expands production in South Korea and Mexico. Chalk up another victory for "Free Trade".

Aren't you glad you gave $51B to GM to succour them from bankruptcy?

Instruments in Tibet were impacted by a 500 TeV photon originating in the Crab Nebula, the most energetic photon ever recorded (The LHC in Geneva generates about 14 TeV).

National Security Advisor John Bolton has asked the Joint Chiefs to plan a retaliatory strike against the Crab Nebula as a warning sign to Iran. "And it had better not take 10,000 years!" he was overheard saying.

Apparently, it's Lampoon John Bolton Day.