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SecDef Mark Esper and former SecDef James Mattis have come out against Trump's domestic policies.

When a guy named "Mad Dog" thinks you've crossed the line, maybe you have.

Trump tweeted this week that the US will classify Antifa as a domestic terror organization. Here's a news flash: DHS classified Antifa's activities as domestic terrorist violence in 2016.

Captain Oblivious' proposed recognition of something that happened four years ago has no effect on the matter.

Only if he designates them as foreign terrorists or enemy combatants will the Patriot Act kick in and obliterate their constitutional rights – and if that happens, he will be Hitler.

Donald Trump gases civilians so he can walk down the street and wave a bible in front of a church.

Susan Rice blames protests of racial injustice on the Russians.

I say it's time to let the aliens take their turn making a mockery of civilization. At least we'll get some ray guns out of the deal.

"What if a Russian armored vehicle column were approaching for attack, maneuvering between mountains about 15km (16.84 miles) away as they came forward?" - FoxNews

What if there were no real military threats and so we invented them to justify spending more on the military than the next eleven countries combined?

Theater warfare is gone but not forgotten by the War College war mongers generals. Small unit warfare has been the predominant form of engagement since Vietnam but A) we suck at it and B) there's no money in it.

Big money requires big toys which require big enemies. We keep beating the drum about the big scary Russians, but here's a fun fact:

The Russian Federation's military budget is less than ten percent of America's (8.9%).

We have a greater chance of going to war with Kentucky.


(Although mad props to FoxNews for using the subjunctive form)

The repugnant state of journalism is well-documented and tiresome to lament, but here is an exceptional example of its depravity. Amazon is now writing the scripts presented as 'news'.

At least eleven television stations aired this piece as written.