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Aliens vs. Pathogens

People like to entertain fantasies about the government’s alien technology cover-up at Area 51 and the government has encouraged this fanciful distraction, but the reality may be (paradoxically) more banal and more sinister: Area 51 is a chemical and biological weapons laboratory.

In 1995, President Clinton issued Presidential Determination 95-45 exempting Air Force activities at Groom Lake from local and federal hazardous and solid waste disposal regulations in response to civil litigation. This exemption was renewed several times during the Clinton and Bush administrations, updating the language to also exempt the EPA from litigation (PD 97-35, 98-36, 99-37, 00-30, 01-27, 03-39).

No other U.S. military installation in the world has such exemptions; thus logic dictates that there are activities at Groom Lake that do not occur at any other installation – and the only reason to allow the wanton and unaccountable disposal of hazardous waste at a military installation is the development of chemical and biological weapons.


The most recent exclusion order expired in 2004. There is no publicly available information to suggest the exemption remains in effect (I suspect there is a correlation between the exemption orders and active litigation).